not just me.
backed by a team of researchers, stylists and other resources
I make sure we get to a perfect product. fast.

Yale MBA

Multi-Time Successful Business Founder

Ex-Corporate Exec

I’m extremely lucky to get to work with some incredible people around the world. I have 15 years experience in strategy consulting, loyalty/rewards marketing, and have created several successful businesses. I’ve consulted to numerous startups at various stages from pre-seed through Series D. I have a strong breadth of industry expertise having completed projects and built businesses in travel, financial services, real estate, retail, grocery, gas. I’ve created rewards programs around the world and managed Membership Rewards partnerships at American Express as well as the Black, Platinum, and Gold Cards and developed a portfolio-wide strategy. I have my MBA from Yale University and my BA from Cornell University.

I believe in developing a tight plan up front for every project and focus heavily on iterative development – and establish checkpoints with clients as they truly need to be part of the process. In terms of industries, it seems like every industry has come through my door – including organic tampons, post-surgical care, meshed ethernet, SaaS, rugby, elevators, and legal tech, to name a few. The fact is that business is business and I’ve seen a lot – between my businesses and others’ business. My unique skill is in being able to rapidly see exactly what to do with any given business or idea. That’s said, it’s crucial to equally have respect and empathy for a given business’s uniqueness, to both honor the time and energy the entrepreneur has put into it and also to ensure this context is fully accounted for in the strategy and related documents. Relatedly, I’m also a game theory expert so you’ll often see me very much focus on the competition and to ensure the businesses I advise on are positioned appropriately.

Personally, I’m a lifelong athlete (basketball, football, soccer, tennis), avid traveler (100+ countries and counting), and love food. I also used to be a professional poker player which paid for both college and grad school.

a global team

I realize your company is your baby – and how hard you’ve probably worked on it already. So you want the best product possible. However, I also realize startups frequently have tight budgets as well.

My job is to get you there optimally,
but also fast.

As such, I have the best resources behind me at our disposal – including stylists, designers, writers, and modelers. If I think one of them can add to the product or accelerate things – I’ll bring them in – at no cost to you.

My team covers 23 countries and five continents which adds extra thought and richness sometimes.

Together we make magic.

global team
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