business plan strategy

Exactly where you need to go. For you and for investors.

The macro strategy of what your business looks like: industry context, product detail, competitive landscape, marketing strategy, milestone history, planned timeline, business case, macro considerations, team. This has to be done in the right way – and if so, can truly make you stand out from the competition, giving you comfort internally and leverage and professionalism externally.

Business plans should never be standard and should always represent the uniqueness of your business and unfair advantages that you have. Even the order should be at least slightly unique. While business plans do have a general structure, the key is ensuring that the unique story of your business truly pops.

Equally, business plans are incredible opportunity to look good and have your brand dynamically pop as well. Business plans have long been created in a super-sterile, unbecoming style – one that doesn’t truly represent you. Your business plan must be uniquely packaged and polished. It has to represent you and your business the right way.

the ultimate representation of your business and the underlying logic


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