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Work good. Look good. Fun good.

Work good. Look good.
Fun good.

The modern CEO is that of a road warrior. Mixed with dynamic technology and simplistic pragmatism, it’s crucial the modern CEO is absolutely efficient with their time, while looking good (and having fun) at the same time. My goal is to help CEOs thrive. Usually we do that with host of business plans, financial models, decks and general business strategy. But I thought we could go beyond that (I also thought with doing that we could get affiliate commission in some cases for doing so). So I’ve put together a list of my top products for you. Some we earn commission on. Some we don’t. In all cases these are the products that I use or have bought personally and endorse. I hope you enjoy (and if you have other great product ideas for me/other entrepreneurs, feel free to let me know as well!).

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It’s ‘noisy’ in 2019. Facebook ads everywhere, Instagram ads everywhere, crowded SEO. So how do you stand out in this current world? I help you add the science to your marketing strategy – including telling you not just which channels to hit and who your targets should be – but how to think about marketing beyond my work with you.



Being a CEO means juggling many balls constantly. Especially in the beginning you have to manage hiring, onboarding, product development, marketing, numbers, and investor relations, amongst other tasks. So you cannot afford to waste a minute.



As a CEO, your job is simply to equip your team with the tools that they need. In the beginning (when it’s just you) and even as you get to employee one and beyond, you need tools that help you prioritize, organize, and automate, all of which will buy you time (and sanity).



The truth is, I don’t wear this stuff too much. I wear the same v-necks and blazers always – I keep 30+ in my closet, as it makes my life easy (I’m sure some of you were able to pick this up :)).

However, these are great products I’ve bought for entrepreneur friends: they’re simple, tasteful, and make you smile a bit.

Please note: We make an affiliate commission for some of these products.
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