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We help make our clients look good and gain clarity. We produce the best quality documents out there –  and treat your business like our own –  while ensuring you have a super clear sense of your strategy and how to think about it. We help our clients gain clarity not just for now, but for moving forward as well.

We produce a ton of business plans, financial models, and pitch decks – and many other analyses as well, including market research and viability, business cases, and many other one-off analyses.

I guess technically you don’t NEED these documents. Technically speaking you could just launch/develop your business without. However, that’s majorly not advised.

Business plans and financial models (pro formas) are for two purposes – for external presentation to provide more depth for an interested party (and make you look good), and equally for your own purposes to convince yourself that the business is truly viable and ensure that you have a very clear pathway and strategy. Pitch decks as you likely know are to present your business in a highly polished, digestible way.

Creating a thorough, highly-polished business plan/financials (and pitch deck) can not only make you look good, but can save you a ton of potential money, time and headache later (and make you a lot more money as well should you decide the business is fully viable).

You name it, we’ve probably dealt with it. Organic tampons, post-surgical care, meshed ethernet, SaaS, elevators, rugby, hair, educational, hosiery, private jet, massage, and many many other industries. B2C, B2B, B2E, D2C, B2B2C, all included as well.

Our expertise is in our ability to rapidly tear into any business and see what to do. We’re lucky to have had many businesses ourselves and have seen a lot as well.

Our clients are all over the world. We’re super lucky with what we do. We’ve had clients in the US/Canada, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, you name it.

Our skill is in being able to rapidly understand market nuance and tell you exactly where to go in your business (and create the documents to support it/make you look awesome).

It’s a bit different depending upon the product/need, but in general:

  • You send across any/every piece of background you can (this includes, documents, website, social assets, sketches, post-it notes) – whatever you have. If it’s in your head we want to understand it.
  • We absorb it and do some research of our own.
  • I come back to you with questions (I always have questions – 100% of the time)
  • We create the initial cuts of the documents you want + styles
  • I get on a call with you to walk through first complete drafts/frame
  • I hand off to you for deep-dive to get feedback/adjustments
  • We make the appropriate adjustments
  • I send back and we iterate until you’re 100% happy
  • I also coach so that you have complete clarity on how to think about everything in the documents, including how to present, how to adjust the documents and how to think about being the CEO of your business

I very much believe in collaborative/iterative process. This is YOUR business. We want you to be happy.

We work fast. We specialize in that (see: New Yorker). Typically we can turn everything around with iterations in three (3) weeks if absolutely crucial and faster if only one or two items are required.

That said, I always suggest building in “mental” time for buffer – for introspection that you want to have when reviewing the documents. Fast is great, but you have to be 100% confident with everything as well.

I prefer to work on a fixed-price basis: I’ve hired a ton of people myself and in general it makes the project a lot more predictable for the client.

That said, once in a while there’s a project with a wider/unclear scope – in those instances we may have to price hourly/with a retainer – but that’s not the preferred method.

That’s not what I do. I’ve done it before though, several times. That said, I’m happy to help advise and give direction along the way, and should you find a particular connection that I have that suits and is interested, happy to make the connection as well.

You don’t. However, if you’re not thoroughly happy with the final product, I’ll happily refund you your money.

We’re always here to support – we want to see our clients succeed. And we’re lucky as our clients do frequently keep us on after and come back for new items.

That said, this question comes up a lot with clients – and I’ll respond like this: 

Working on an initial project allows us to test in both directions whether there’s a great ongoing fit. It’s crucial to make sure we’re BOTH happy working with the other person (including you for me). Should that be the case, happy to discuss an ongoing role – so absolutely open to the idea of a continued relationship going into it, should it make sense.

Maybe! (I know, strange answer)

In short, you should certainly pick someone who you have a good fit with, even if that’s not us. And if you can do it yourself, that’s great as well!

That said, I/my team create the best business plans, financial models, decks, and business strategies on the market, period. And we give a huge sh*t.

We pay immense attention to detail and treat your business like it’s our own and make sure that you’re thoroughly involved along the way.

Why? Because we care. Because we’ve been in your shoes before. (And also we have a reputation we want to protect as well :))

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