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marketing strategy

Which channels to hit. How to think about marketing. What to avoid.

Hire strategically and deliberately for the modern multi-channel world.

It’s ‘noisy’ in 2020. Facebook ads everywhere, Instagram ads everywhere, crowded search engine optimization (SEO). So how do you stand out in this current world? We add the science to your marketing strategy – including telling you not just which channels to hit and who your targets should be – but how to think about marketing beyond our work.

As part of this strategy considering your competitive landscape is crucially important – in determining your optimal target market, related customer segments, and your secondary markets. Relatedly, it’s crucial to ensure your brand’s positioning is putting your business in a position for success.

Equally important is budget and related allocation here. Regardless of the stage of your business, mobilizing your capital optimally is absolutely crucial.

Collaboratively, we find and candidly recommend if you have the optimal positioning for your company and equally which channels you should prioritize from the get-go. This will enable you to rapidly test and iterate, to create constant marketing performance improvement.

Whether your metric is cost of acquiring a customer (CAC), cost per acquisition (CPA), cost per install (CPI) or something else, scientific and financially-driven decisions must be at the core.

your business positioned, optimally. your budget deployed, scientifically.


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