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How to structure your team for success.

Designing optimal hiring cadence and hiring effectively for the modern world.​

The 2020 hiring world is a “weird” one, with startups having limited resources as always, talent being tough to find and convince, and with freelancers not just becoming a trend, but becoming a norm. Hiring the exact right people and team is crucial. I’ve hired over 2,000 people – both traditionally and within the freelance world and have constructed organizations for many businesses. We get your org exactly where it needs to be – efficiently and pragmatically while ensuring you’re fully protected.

With organizational strategy it’s also not just about the now – it’s about planning for the future and ensuring your organizational roll-out strategy is timed appropriately and financially aligned. Equally, with ongoing regulatory changes, particularly lately between contractors and employees it’s crucial that your business is aware of these changes and is making relatedly prudent hiring decisions.

We help you plan out the appropriate organizational strategy and help you hire the optimal resources for business, enabling you to plan for the growth of your business. Your time as a founder is invaluable.

optimal planning and incentive-aligned resources created for your business
within today's modern world


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