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Have fun with it all.

The truth is, I don’t wear this stuff too much. I wear the same v-necks and blazers always – I keep 30+ in my closet, as it makes my life easy (I’m sure some of you were able to pick this up :)).

However, I know most people are a bit flashier than I am. And many people are proud of being an entrepreneur, and rightfully so.

The following are products I’ve bought for entrepreneur friends: they’re simple, tasteful, and make you smile a bit.

They say something about you, yet allow you to laugh and not be arrogant.

For those who are into it, these are the ‘best-ofs’ that I’ve personally had a great experience with from friends.

ce0,000,000 tri-blend t-shirt

Funny, cute, proud.

Could be serious, but can also be aspirational and fun.

I've bought a few of these for my female CEO friends - and they've always had a laugh and appreciated it.

hair-in-a-bun long-sleeve

Relevant for women and man-buns alike, I happen to like this one and have gotten it for a few choice friends.

Little bit of grit, little bit of sass, nice material, clean layout.

the hustle mug

Needless to say, life as an entrepreneur is never easy. But at least it's not at a 9-5.

Easy conversation starter.
Easy to make yourself laugh as well.
Easy reminder of the life you actively chose, even when things are a bit harder.

entrepreneur hoodie

I like this one for airports and planes.

It's an instant conversation starter where people will always ask you "What kinds of businesses have you started?"

I haven't worn this too many times (see above), but when I have there's a near 100% hit rate on an interesting conversation.

always hungry crewneck

I find this one actually makes me feel pumped up. Just looking at it makes me want to do more.

Still clean coloring and font, and definitely says something about you.

Caution: may solicit a new deal conversation or two.

ceo,000,000 regular t-shirt

Designed for both men and women, this regular cotton t shirt is a bit more standard fit, but can be cleanly worn under a blazer as well.

Also prone to having people start conversations with you, this one is a bit 'tongue-in-cheek' as well, lightening up your day and some of your conversations.

hustle tee

Simple, clean, and vertically positioned for blazer-centering.

Reminder to the world to get it.

Reminder to the world of what you stand for.

This one will get your day going as well as remind others around you to get going as well.

hustle wall art

Some people prefer wall-art to clothing.

I'm more of neither guy, but if you're more inwardly driven, hanging this around you is a simple daily reminder of where to point yourself.

Modest price point, cool style, not as poppy as other over-the-top options.

Please note: We make an affiliate commission for some of these products.
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