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Because your time is valuable.

Being a CEO means juggling many balls constantly. Especially in the beginning you have to manage hiring, onboarding, product development, marketing, numbers, and investor relations, amongst other tasks. So you cannot afford to waste a minute.

My dollars go towards things that save me time, and make me more money. A charging case (or three in my case) means I’m never offline and never to worry about a missed call or email. A well-organized pack means I can find things easily. Stable backup means zero downtime.

Let’s create more time for ourselves. Let’s make more money in the process.

Also let’s look good while doing this.

ultra-slim mophie juice pack for iPhone 11

I keep three of these always at home and in my bag. Why? Because life get's busy and I don't always have time to charge them. It's not hard building a business case to spend $500 here. If this saves you even a couple calls, or a few emails, you'll be repaid.
Remove the little challenges so you can focus on the important, bigger items.

shure se425 sound isolating earphones

Look. I'm hardly an audiophile. I just want some solid sound, a bit of base, and some noise-cancellation. I want my head down, working, with no distractions. Equally I travel a lot. For planes, carrying large over-the-ear headphones simply isn't pragmatic, especially for short trips. It takes up extra space. Shure is a brand I personally align with. Solid base whether I'm listening to Biggie Smalls or Ariana Grande (shhh) and they back the headphones if there's ever an issue and quickly get me back and running. That means I never have to worry about spending time time hunting for a new pair of headphones for a long time. That makes my life easy and productive.

nomatic 30l water-resistant travel pack

I'm certainly part of the 'black on black' club. Partially because it looks clean and professional.

Backpacks are apparently a-go now per startup- and corporate-wear, but at least if I'm going to wear one I want to look clean, minimalist and professional.

This nomatic bag is clean, simple, and highly organized. It also allows you to jam a couple clothes changes and some toiletries in there for us lean-travelers.

Simple, durable, clean, nice branding, and easy to find what I need (and get through TSA).

wd 4tb my passport portable external hard

Use a cloud-based backup service (I shouldn't have to tell you that). But I'm nervous. For $100, the cost of the infinitesimally low probability that cloud-based backup goes down or gets hacked is returned through the backup-redundancy of an old-school external hard drive. As a CEO, $100 for a hair of extra sanity is a pretty good deal. You can probably go with a variety of external hard drives here - I'm a believer that hardware like this is a bit commoditized. But these guys are big, and equally I've had very few problems historically.

krisdonia 185wh/50000mah portable laptop charger

I use a Macbook as my go-to. Rarely is there a day when I run out of charge. But 3% of the time there's an aircraft with a faulty outlet near you, or your delays/movement are staggered such that you have no time to charge.

On those days, the extra power you can grab means extra hours of work.

In that one day alone, you've recouped the cost of this thing. No brainer (and now allows you to be a hair 'lazier' with always remembering to charge as well).

skyroam solis x wifi hotspot

One of the best perks of being an entrepreneur in 2020 is the ability to be a bit more nomatic. And this doesn't even include the natural business travel.

Cell carriers charge $120 per trip for data, or (like T-Mobile) have it inclusive frequently at weaker speeds.

I don't have time for higher-priced or weaker speeds (or to have to sporadically call to ensure I'm set up right every X trips).

My Skyroam avoids that. One small piece of hardware, usable for my cell or my laptop to tether. All at a lower price. All with higher speeds. Easy. Peasy. And reliable.

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