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The Best Software, for Your Company AND You.

As a CEO, your job is simply to equip your team with the tools that they need. In the beginning (when it’s just you) and even as you get to employee one and beyond, you need tools that help you prioritize, organize, and automate, all of which will buy you time (and sanity).

The following tools are tools that I use. They help me automate my life, provide me material development, are very intuitive, provide quality customer service, and also protect me (and the company) well.

Some of these tools are more useful from the beginning – even as a party of one: project management/goaling tools and calendar/scheduling automation. Others are for company formalization and ongoing development. And yet others are for marketing and data centralization.

The goal with all though is simplicity, team unity, transparency, and automation. They’ll make your life easier. And they should make your company more efficient and powerful.

Please note: We make an affiliate commission for some of these products.
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